French Adjectives Gros / Grand

The French verbs partir, sortir, quitter, and laisser are all synonyms for the English verb “to leave,” but each has its own distinct ways to use it. The choice between these verbs depends on the context and the intended meaning. 

French Direct and Indirect Object Pronouns – Top Ten Tips and Rules

When learning French, you quickly come to understand that pronouns are extremely important. In particular, direct and indirect object pronouns are crucial to master. They are always the first set of pronouns that I teach, and here are three reasons why: 1.  They shorten your sentences: Using object pronouns allows you to avoid repeating the same noun over andContinue reading “French Direct and Indirect Object Pronouns – Top Ten Tips and Rules”

French Definite, Indefinite, Partitive Articles

Even if you aren’t a beginner, it’s important to think about the importance of French definite, indefinite, and partitive articles.  It’s easy to forget how tricky it can be to choose the right ones.   I have several video lessons on French articles that you can watch on YouTube to better understand them. There’s just noContinue reading “French Definite, Indefinite, Partitive Articles”

French Adjective TOUT

Level A1 Lesson – French Adjective TOUT @ LLL French Academy This is a very important lesson as you work your way through the basics of the A1 program.  You will learn all of the different ways to use TOUT as an adjective. Jennifer explains everything in a short, ten minute video lesson.  Be sureContinue reading “French Adjective TOUT”

French Sentence Structure – When to Use DE in French

Comparing French and English Sentence Structure It can be interesting to look at French sentences and their English translations while comparing the two. Once you have identified corresponding words, you will realize how many similarities there are French and English. You’ll also notice some big differences, and those are worth examining more closely. Four WaysContinue reading “French Sentence Structure – When to Use DE in French”

Listening Comprehension of French Numbers

Les Numéros de Téléphone Listening Comprehension of French Numbers It’s hard to wrap your head around French numbers. It takes time to understand spoken numbers 1 – 100.  A great way to practice understanding numbers that you hear is to write down phone numbers as you hear them pronounced.   French phone numbers are composed ofContinue reading “Listening Comprehension of French Numbers”