French Articles Exercise


French Adjective TOUT

Level A1 Lesson – French Adjective TOUT @ LLL French Academy This is a very important lesson as you work your way through the basics of the A1 program.  You will learn all of the different ways to use TOUT as an adjective. Jennifer explains everything in a short, ten minute video lesson.  Be sureContinue reading “French Adjective TOUT”

French Sentence Structure – When to Use DE in French

Comparing French and English Sentence Structure It can be interesting to look at French sentences and their English translations while comparing the two. Once you have identified corresponding words, you will realize how many similarities there are French and English. You’ll also notice some big differences, and those are worth examining more closely. Four WaysContinue reading “French Sentence Structure – When to Use DE in French”

Listening Comprehension of French Numbers

Les Numéros de Téléphone Listening Comprehension of French Numbers It’s hard to wrap your head around French numbers. It takes time to understand spoken numbers 1 – 100.  A great way to practice understanding numbers that you hear is to write down phone numbers as you hear them pronounced.   French phone numbers are composed ofContinue reading “Listening Comprehension of French Numbers”

French Quiz – Être, Aller, Avoir, Faire

Take this free quiz to see how well you know when and how to use the essential French verbs être, aller, avoir, and faire in the present tense.  This is an A1 level quiz, but it’s always a good idea to review even if this isn’t new to you!  RELATED POSTS AND LESSONS

How to use the French word SI

How to use the French word SI The word si is used all the time in French! However, you may have noticed that it’s not always used the same way. That’s because si has several meanings, and it’s all about context.    Sometimes, SI means YES Si means yes after negative questions. Once you get theContinue reading “How to use the French word SI”

French Numbers 1 – 100

1 un 2 deux 3 trois 4 quatre 5 cinq 6 six 7 sept 8 huit 9 neuf 10 dix 11 onze 12 douze 13 treize 14 quatorze 15 quinze 16 seize 17 dix-sept 18 dix-huit 19 dix-neuf 20 vingt 21 vingt-et-un 22 vingt-deux 23 vingt-trois 24 vingt-quatre 25 vingt-cinq 26 vingt-six 27 vingt-sept 28Continue reading “French Numbers 1 – 100”

How to use the prepositions EN and DANS in French

🎥 Scroll down to watch Jennifer’s video lesson on the prepositions EN and DANS 🎥 EN vs DANS In French, the prepositions en and dans both mean in, and they can both express time and location. However,  they are not interchangeable. Their usage depends on context and grammar. EN Use EN to express the lengthContinue reading “How to use the prepositions EN and DANS in French”

US States in French with Prepositions

US States in French with Prepositions of Location Practice and master this vocabulary on Quizlet When you want to say that you are in a state, or that you’re going to  a state, you need to know two things. What’s the name of the state in French? Is the state masculine or feminine? Use ENContinue reading “US States in French with Prepositions”