Faux Amis: 50 French False Friends

The French expression “du coup” is an informal colloquial phrase that is commonly used in spoken language. It has various meanings depending on the context in which it is used, but its primary translation in English is “so,” “therefore,” “consequently,” or “as a result.”

French Verbs Followed By DE + Infinitive

This lesson is about some very common French verbs followed by DE + infinitive. The little two letter word DE is very important! Take note of it every time you see it! Watch my video lesson and download your free lesson guide.

Using French Articles After Negation

In this detailed lesson, we will explore the five important rules about how to use French articles after using negative expressions. Whether you’re just starting out and want to understand the basics or even if you’re fairly advanced but somehow missed this lesson, this guide will give you the knowledge and confidence to handle this tricky part of French grammar smoothly. Let’s get right to the five rules you need to know in my short video lesson, and be sure download my free study guide to keep as a handy reference tool.

French Direct and Indirect Object Pronouns – Top Ten Tips and Rules

When learning French, it doesn’t take very long to understand that pronouns are extremely important. In particular, direct and indirect object pronouns are crucial to master. Why French direct and indirect object pronouns are important: 1.  They shorten your sentences: Using direct and indirect object pronouns allows you to avoid repeating the same noun over and over againContinue reading “French Direct and Indirect Object Pronouns – Top Ten Tips and Rules”