Faillir + Infinitive


To express the idea that you almost or nearly did something (but didn’t), you can use the French verb faillir + infinitive along with avoir.  

This is so easy to do that you don’t even need to know how to conjugate faillir!  You can start using this verb today, even if you’re a beginner. All you need to know is how to conjugate the verb avoir in the present tense!

Faillir + Infinitive

The following construction is actually the passé composé, but don’t worry about that for now if you haven’t yet learned it.  You can still do this.

Just remember that using faillir this way means that you almost or nearly did something, and you’ll always use it the same way:

subject +present tense avoir +failli +any infinitive
Nous avons failli tomber.We almost / nearly fell (down). 

Present tense conjugation of avoir 

j’ainous avons
tu asvous avez
il – elle – on ails – elles ont

Video + Lesson Guide

Watch my video lesson in which I’ll provide clear explanations, engaging examples, and practical tips to help you grasp the concept of using the French verb Faillir + Infinitive.

Don’t forget to download your free lesson guide, which includes useful examples and additional resources to reinforce your understanding.

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