How to use “DONC”

The French word donc is very versatile, and it can be used in several ways, but its main function is to express consequence or logical deduction. It is important to know how to use «donc», because it is word that can be used in various contexts to link ideas or provide reasoning.

English equivalents: therefore, so, hence, thus, consequently

Interchangeable Synonyms

Since donc is such a commonly used word, it’s good to have some other options so that you won’t sound repetitive when you’re speaking.

Donc has several synonyms that can be used interchangeably to convey similar meanings and provide some variety:

  • Alors (informal)
  • C’est pourquoi (informal)
  • Du coup (informal)
  • En conséquence (formal)
  • Par conséquent (formal)
  • Ainsi (formal)

Many of the English translations in the chart below sound very formal, and of course it’s more natural to say so instead of the other options.

Elle étudie beaucoup, donc elle réussit ses examens.She studies a lot, therefore she succeeds in her exams.
Nous sommes en retard, donc nous allons manquer le début du film.We are late, so we will miss the beginning of the movie.
Il pleut, donc nous devrions prendre nos parapluies.It’s raining, hence we should take our umbrellas.
J’ai bien révisé, donc je suis confiant pour l’examen.I have revised thoroughly, thus I am confident for the exam.
Tu as travaillé dur, donc tu mérites une récompense.You worked hard, therefore you deserve a reward.
Je suis fatigué, donc je vais me coucher.I am tired, so I am going to bed.
Il pleut, donc prenez votre parapluie.It’s raining, so take your umbrella.
Vous avez fini votre travail, donc vous pouvez partir maintenant.You have finished your work, therefore you can leave now.
Il est malade, donc il ne viendra pas à la fête.He is sick, thus, he won’t come to the party.

Donc is a versatile word that helps to convey logical connections, consequences, and emphasis. Remember that if you’re considering how to use donc, you can pretty much use it the same way you would use the English word so to make the same kind of connections when speaking.

How to use «DONC» lesson guide

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