LLL French Academy and Course Outline

Jennifer will teach you all of the skills you need to achieve an advanced level in French, and will provide you with resources to help you practice and master everything you learn.

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French Level A1

The A1 beginner level recognizes basic knowledge. It is the most basic level at which a language is used. At this stage, the learner can speak about himself or herself and his or her environment. Click here for A1 lessons.

French Level A2

The B2 intermediate level recognizes the competency of a basic learner who can communicate in a simple manner about routine tasks using common polite phrases and exchanges of information. Click here for A2 lessons.

French Level B1

The B1 autonomous level recognizes learners who have become independent while maintaining interaction. Learners can understand and maintain discussions and give opinions. Click here for B1 lessons.

French Level B2

Learners at the B2 advanced level have a degree of fluency and independence which allows the construction of arguments to defend opinions, explain viewpoints, and negotiate. Click here for B2 lessons.

Self-Learning Program & Lesson Details

Level A1 Courses & Practice Resources

  1. LEVEL A1:  Subject pronouns
  2. LEVEL A1:  Disjunctive / Stressed pronouns
  3. LEVEL A1:  Definite and indefinite articles
  4. LEVEL A1:  Partitive articles
  5. LEVEL A1:  Ways to use DE
  6. LEVEL A1:  Definite, indefinite, partitive articles practice cards
  7. LEVEL A1:  Plural nouns
  8. LEVEL A1:  Possessive adjectives
  9. LEVEL A1:  Prepositions of location
  10. LEVEL A1:  Numbers 0 – 100
  11. LEVEL A1:  The verb aller – Present and near future
  12. LEVEL A1:  The verb ĂȘtre
  13. LEVEL A1:  C’est vs Il est
  14. LEVEL A1:  Avoir expressions
  15. LEVEL A1 – B1:  The verb FAIRE and expressions
  16. LEVEL A1:  Descriptive adjectives resource booklet + quizzes
  17. LEVEL A1:  Descriptive adjectives with ĂȘtre, aller, avoir, and faire
  18. LEVEL A1:  Forming questions using intonation
  19. LEVEL A1:  Forming questions using est-ce que
  20. LEVEL A1:  Forming questions using inversion
  21. LEVEL A1:  Regular verbs ending in -ER
  22. LEVEL A1:  Present tense audio drill
  23. LEVEL A1:  The verb prendre
  24. LEVEL A1:  Using interrogative words
  25. LEVEL A1:  Demonstrative adjectives
  26. LEVEL A1:  Regular ER verbs present and past with negation
  27. LEVEL A1:  PassĂ© composĂ© of regular verbs with avoir
  28. LEVEL A1:  PassĂ© composĂ© audio drill
  29. LEVEL A1:  Direct and indirect object pronouns
  30. LEVEL A1:  Circling review activity in 3 tenses
  31. LEVEL A1:  Circling review activity
  32. LEVEL A1:  Reading comprehension “Ma Vie”
  33. LEVEL A1:  DictĂ©e: Le Voyage
  34. LEVEL A1:  Listening comprehension course
  35. LEVEL A1:  20 beginner level dictĂ©es
  36. LEVEL A1:  Use it or lose it review program

Level A2 Courses & Practice Resources

  1. LEVEL A2:  The verb falloir / falloir with pronouns
  2. LEVEL A2: French negation in 3 tenses
  3. LEVEL A2:  Pronouns Y and EN
  4. LEVEL A2:  Verbs like ouvrir
  5. LEVEL A2:  La JournĂ©e de Vanessa – Present Tense Story
  6. LEVEL A2:  PassĂ© composĂ© audio drill – Regular and irregular verbs
  7. LEVEL A2:  PassĂ© composĂ© with ĂȘtre
  8. LEVEL A2:  La JournĂ©e de Vanessa – PassĂ© ComposĂ© Story
  9. LEVEL A2:  Prepositions before infinitives (À & DE)
  10. LEVEL A2:  Imperfect tense lesson
  11. LEVEL A2:  La JournĂ©e de Vanessa – Imperfect Tense Story
  12. LEVEL A2:  L’imparfait et le passĂ© composĂ© used together
  13. LEVEL A2:  Future tense – Futur simple
  14. LEVEL A2:  La JournĂ©e de Vanessa – Futur Simple Story
  15. LEVEL A2:  1st conditional si clauses
  16. LEVEL A2:  Pronunciation lesson
  17. LEVEL A2:  Mastering pronouns audio drill
  18. LEVEL A2:  Circling activity – Pronouns – Present – PassĂ© composĂ©
  19. LEVEL A2:  Listening comprehension SET 1
  20. LEVEL A2:  Listening comprehension SET 2
  21. LEVEL A2:  DictĂ©e: Le Voyage
  22. LEVEL A2:  Babar listening comprehension
  23. LEVEL A2:  Halloween scrambled sentences
  24. LEVEL A2:  Reading comprehension – Le MarchĂ©
  25. LEVEL A2:  Historique d’Halloween
  26. LEVEL A2:  Daily French conversations
  27. LEVEL A2:  Perfect your French – 50 common mistakes
  28. LEVEL A2:  Listening comprehension – Arrival at the Paris airport

Level B1 Courses & Practice Resources

  1. LEVEL B1:  Bon – Bien – Meilleur – Mieux
  2. LEVEL B1:  Possessive pronouns
  3. LEVEL B1:  Everything about TOUT
  4. LEVEL B1:  The verb manquer
  5. LEVEL B1:  The verb renverser
  6. LEVEL B1:  AprĂšs avoir – Avant de
  7. LEVEL B1:  Rentrer – Revenir – Retourner – Rendre
  8. LEVEL B1:  Depuis, pour, pendant, il y a
  9. LEVEL B1:  Verbs + NO PREPOSITION + Infinitives 
  10. LEVEL B1:  Verbs + À + Infinitives 
  11. LEVEL B1:  Verbs + DE + Infinitives 
  12. LEVEL B1:  Verbs + À + Nouns 
  13. LEVEL B1:  Verbs + DE + Nouns
  14. LEVEL B1:  Placement of common French adverbs
  15. LEVEL B1:  Present conditional – Could, Should, Would
  16. LEVEL B1:  La JournĂ©e de Vanessa – Present Conditional Story
  17. LEVEL B1:  Subjunctive lesson
  18. LEVEL B1:  Subjunctive – Il faut que
  19. LEVEL B1:  Subjunctive – Finish the sentences
  20. LEVEL B1:  Qu’on vs Que l’on
  21. LEVEL B1:  Advanced pronouns – Listening and reading
  22. LEVEL B1:  20 short dictation exercises
  23. LEVEL B1:  DictĂ©e – Le voyage
  24. LEVEL B1:  Listening comprehension – Cher journal
  25. LEVEL B1:  French music activity 1
  26. LEVEL B1:  French music activity 2
  27. LEVEL B1:  Listening comprehension – L’automne
  28. LEVEL B1:  Reading comprehension – Le MarchĂ©
  29. LEVEL B1:  Pronouns and tenses translation exercises
  30. LEVEL B1:  Imperative with pronouns

Level B2 Courses & Practice Resources

  1. LEVEL B2:  Relative pronouns QUI – QUE – OÙ – DONT
  2. LEVEL B2:  Master class:  Faire, donner, rendre, construire, fabriquer, obliger
  3. LEVEL B2:  Future tense after quand and other conjunctions
  4. LEVEL B2:  Gerunds
  5. LEVEL B2:  Faire causative construction
  6. LEVEL B2:  Faire causative – SE FAIRE
  7. LEVEL B2:  Relative pronoun DONT
  8. LEVEL B2:  Relative composed pronouns AUQUEL – DUQUEL – LEQUEL
  9. LEVEL B2:  DictĂ©e – Le Voyage
  10. LEVEL B2:  Advanced French mini-dialogues
  11. LEVEL B2:  Advanced French pronouns practice cards
  12. LEVEL B2: French Connecting Words
  13. LEVEL B2:  Very advanced pronouns – Listening and reading
  14. LEVEL B2: Advanced pronouns and tenses translation exercises
  15. LEVEL B2:  La Concordance des Temps
  16. LEVEL B2:  20 Dictation Exercises

Levels A1 – B2 Courses & Practice Resources

  1. LEVEL A1 – B2:  Mastering pronouns activity
  2. LEVEL A1 – B2:  Mastering sentence structure activity
  3. LEVEL A1 – B2:  Antonyms lesson and activities
  4. LEVEL A1 – B2:  100 common expressions – Set 1
  5. LEVEL A1 – B2: 55 common expressions – Set 2
  6. LEVEL A1 – B2:  French level test
  7. LEVEL A1 – B2:  48 dictĂ©e exercises
  8. LEVEL A1 – B2:  French conjugation worksheets in 6 tenses

Vocabulary Lessons

  1. VOCABULAIRE:  Chez le dentiste
  2. VOCABULAIRE:  Phone and Internet
  3. VOCABULAIRE:  Restaurants
  4. VOCABULAIRE:  Pandemic
  5. VOCABULAIRE:  Daily Routine
  6. VOCABULAIRE:  Days and Months
  7. VOCABULAIRE:  Decluttering
  8. VOCABULAIRE:  Electrician and Plumber
  9. VOCABULAIRE:  Gardening
  10. VOCABULAIRE:  Verbs for Conversation
  11. VOCABULAIRE:  Insurance
  12. VOCABULAIRE:  Online Shopping
  13. VOCABULAIRE:  House and Home
  14. VOCABULAIRE:  Clothes and Shopping
  15. VOCABULAIRE:  Education

Supplementary Resources

  1. EXTRAS:  Christmas listening and reading comprehension lessons
  2. EXTRAS:  NoĂ«l – French Christmas reading comprehension exercise
  3. EXTRAS:  Christmas Listening and Reading Comprehension Lesson
  4. EXTRAS:  Sudoku games for vocabulary and conjugating verbs