French Avoir Expressions

30 Idiomatic Avoir Expressions


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1avoir ___ ansto be ___ years old
2avoir besoin deto need
3avoir chaudto be hot
4avoir froidto be cold
5avoir confiance en quelqu’unto trust someone
6avoir de la chanceto be lucky
7avoir du charmeto be charming
8avoir envie deto want
9avoir faimto be hungry
10avoir soifto be thirsty
11avoir honte deto be ashamed of / about
12avoir l’air (de)to look like / to seem
13avoir le cafardto feel down in the dumps
14avoir l’habitude deto be in the habit of / to be used to
15avoir l’heureto have (to know) the time
16avoir lieuto take place
17avoir l’intention deto intend / to plan to
18avoir mal Ă  la tĂŞteto have a headache
19avoir mal au coeurto feel nauseous
20avoir peur (de) to be afraid (of)
21avoir raisonto be right
22avoir tortto be wrong
23avoir sommeilto be sleepy
24avoir un chat dans la gorgeto have a frog in your throat
25avoir un cheveu sur la langueto lisp
26avoir un petit creuxto be a little hungry
27avoir un trou (de mémoire)to have your mind go blank
28avoir une dent contre quelqu’unto hold a grudge
29avoir une faim de loupto be ravenous / famished
30avoir horreur deto hate something

Level A1 – French Avoir Expressions

This lesson is for upper-level beginners and intermediate learners. Learn to use the verb avoir with 30 common idiomatic expressions. The video lesson includes all of the expressions along with examples in French and English. Not all of the examples are at the A1 level, but the idea is to grasp the meaning of each one and see how they can be used. The English translations make it easier to compare how things are said differently in French. The coursework that accompanies this lesson is meant for A1 level learners (exercises and audio drills).

STEP 1 ➯ Download your «cours»: This is a version of the lesson guide on which I’ve left space for you to take your own notes as you watch the lesson. Writing rules and examples yourself is proven to help in retaining new information.

STEP 2 ➯ Video presentation of the lesson: Watch my 20 minute video tutorial and take notes on your «cours».

STEP 3 ➯ Lesson guide: Download the lesson guide and add it to your French folder for easy reference when reviewing avoir expressions.

STEP 4 ➯ Audio drill: Listen to the audio drill in which you will hear each of the 30 expressions used in simple sentences at the A1 level.Repeat the sentences after me. Each sentence is read twice. If it’s too difficult to understand in the beginning, just download the PDF of the text used in the audio drill and read along as you work your way through the exercise. English translations are included.

STEP 5 ➯ Complete the written exercise – PDF: Fill in the blanks using expressions that fit given the context of each sentence. Be sure to conjugate the verb avoir in the present tense. You will find it useful to have your list of expressions in French and English handy as you complete this exercise.

STEP 6 ➯ Check your answers – PDF: English translations are included.

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