Advanced French Dictée Exercises

This is a set of 20 advanced level dictées. These dictations are short dialogues between two people, read by François, a native Parisian. The dialogues are read slowly first and then even more slowly to give you time to write them down. Punctuation and links (liaisons) between words are pronounced. English translations are included.

👇Scroll down to try out two sample dictation exercises👇

Take out a pen and paper, and be ready to write what François dictates. The dialogues are read at full speed with proper spoken French intonation at the end of each dictation exercise. Pay close attention to spelling, gender, plurals and agreement when writing.

Once you finish writing and checking your work, it’s a good idea to practice repeating the sentences while reading the text for correct pronunciation. You could even record yourself and compare your pronunciation to François’.

Sample Dictée 1

First, play the audio and write everything François says, then scroll down for the text written in French along with the English Translation

Sample Dictée 2

Corrigé: Sample Dictée 1

Femme parlant à son mari:

  • Chéri, tu n’aurais pas dû prendre cette route ! Tu sais bien qu’il y a toujours des bouchons par ici à cette heure-ci.


  • Nous n’avions pas vraiment le choix, les routiers bloquent toutes les autoroutes autour de Paris.

Woman talking to her husband:

  • Honey, You shouldn’t have taken this road! You know there always  are traffic jams around here at this hour.


  • We didn’t really have a choice, the truckers are blocking all the highways around Paris.

Corrigé: Sample Dictée 2

Homme parlant à sa femme

  • C’est dommage que tu ne sois pas venue au cinéma avec nous hier soir ! Tu as fait quoi?


  • Mais il faisait un temps de chien! Il y avait de l’orage et il pleuvait vraiment très fort. Je n’aime pas les orages, alors je suis restée chez moi.

Man talking to his wife

  • It’s a shame you didn’t come to the movies with us last night! What did you do?


  • But the weather was horrible! There was a thunderstorm and it was raining really hard. I don’t like thunderstorms, so I stayed at home.

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