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Common «SE FAIRE» Expressions

se faire aiderto let someone help you
se faire agresserto get attacked
se faire apporter quelque choseto have something brought to you
se faire avoirto be had
se faire belleto get all dressed up
se faire bronzerto lay out in the sun
se faire comprendreto make yourself understood
se faire connaîtreto make yourself known
se faire construire une maisonto have a house built
se faire de l’argentto make money for yourself
se faire faire un dégradéto have your hair layered
se faire des connaissancesto meet people / make friends
se faire des illusionsto kid yourself
se faire draguerto get hit on
se faire du malto beat yourself up over something
se faire embaucherto get hired
se faire entendreto make yourself heard
se faire enflerto get ripped off
se faire exploiterto be exploited
se faire gronderto get in trouble (ex:  by a parent)
se faire inviterto have (get) yourself invited
se faire livrer quelque choseto have something delivered to you
se faire laver les cheveuxto have your hair washed
se faire malto hurt yourself
se faire marcher sur les piedsto get walked all over
se faire opérerto have an operation
se faire passer pour quelqu’unto pretend to be someone
se faire piégerto be tricked / fall into a trap
se faire pincerto get busted
se faire un petit plaisirto do something nice for yourself
se faire plaquerto get dumped
se faire quelque choseto make something for yourself
se faire remarquerto get yourself noticed
se faire renverserto get knocked over
se faire renvoyerto get fired
se faire respecterto make people respect you
se faire soignerto seek medical help
se faire soigner les dentsto have your teeth cared for
se faire un cadeauto give yourself a present
se faire un petit restauto treat yourself to a meal
se faire une pizzato grab a pizza
se faire vaccinerto get vaccinated
se faire violenceto force yourself to do something
se faire virerto get fired

LEVEL B2 FULL COURSE: The verb FAIRE – French causative construction

The problem with French grammar for English speakers is that the words just aren’t set up the same was as we’re used to in our own language. Learning tenses, pronouns, and adjectives is a big part of French grammar, BUT there are many idiomatic expressions and ways of speaking to learn if you really want to be able to express yourself. For example, in this course you will learn a way to use the verb FAIRE that you may not know about. It is ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL that you learn about the causative construction using faire. I’m not kidding. You have to know how to do this. Why is it so important? Well, think of all the times when you want to say things like:

I must have the dishwasher repaired.

WRONG ANSWER: Je dois réparer le lave-vaisselle.

CORRECT ANSWER: Je dois faire réparer le lave-vaisselle.

Are you going to have your shirts ironed?

WRONG ANSWER: Tu vas repasser tes chemises?

CORRECT ANSWER: Tu vas faire repasser tes chemises?

I am going to have a cake made.

WRONG ANSWER: Je vais faire un gâteau.

CORRECT ANSWER: Je vais faire faire un gâteau.

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  1. In depth video tutorial including 32 detailed slides with plenty of fun and useful examples
  2. 7 page study guide with all of the rules, examples, and some extras that aren’t included in the tutorial
  3. 75 practice cards: Translate from English to French and really get a chance to practice using FAIRE in this new way (see examples below)
  4. 30 minute audio recording to help you use the practice cards in a different way. The answer to each card is spoken slowly in French two times. The idea is for you to listen and repeat to improve listening comprehension and pronunciation skills. I’ve included 4 unique ways for you to use this recording to truly boost your confidence when using your new skill!

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