French Verb ALLER – 11 Tenses

ALLER – TO GO Learn the French Verb Aller – 11 Tenses using this conjugation chart. Present je vais nous allons tu vas vous allez il – elle – on va ils – elles vont Passé Composé je suis allé(e) nous sommes allé(e)s tu es allé(e) vous êtes allé(e)(s) il – elle – on est allé(e) ilsContinue reading “French Verb ALLER – 11 Tenses”

Advanced French Connecting Words

Advanced French Connecting Words As you become a more advanced learner of French you will find yourself needing connecting words or linking words to help make your point and seamlessly transition from one sentence to another.  These French connecting words will enrich your vocabulary,  speaking, and writing skills. ​ SINON – otherwise Fais tes devoirs, sinon tuContinue reading “Advanced French Connecting Words”

French Verb FAIRE – 11 Tenses

FAIRE – TO DO – TO MAKE Learn the French Verb FAIRE – 11 Tenses using this handy chart. FRENCH FAIRE EXPRESSIONS Present je fais nous faisons tu fais vous faites il – elle – on fait ils – elles font Passé Composé j’ai fait nous avons fait tu as fait vous avez fait il – elleContinue reading “French Verb FAIRE – 11 Tenses”

French Dictée – B2 Level – Le Voyage

THEME LE VOYAGE LEVEL B2 – PRE-INTERMEDIATE LENGTH 240 – 260 WORDS INSTRUCTIONS Write exactly what you hear in the dictée.  I will read each sentence twice. Pause the video if you need more time to write.   Useful vocabulary:point = period; full stopvirgule = commapoint d’exclamation = exclamation markpoint d’interrogation = question mark GRAMMAR Grammar coveredContinue reading “French Dictée – B2 Level – Le Voyage”

Using the FUTUR SIMPLE with words like QUAND and other conjunctions

LEARN SEVEN ESSENTIAL WORDS AND PHRASES THAT ARE OFTEN FOLLOWED BY THE FUTURE TENSE. SOME WORDS AND PHRASES ARE OFTEN FOLLOWED BY THE FUTURE TENSE IN FRENCH EVEN THOUGH WE USE THEM WITH THE PRESENT TENSE IN ENGLISH. Watch my video lesson at the bottom of this post. The following are formally called conjunctions andContinue reading “Using the FUTUR SIMPLE with words like QUAND and other conjunctions”

Level B2 – French Relative Pronoun DONT

This is a comprehensive lesson on the French relative pronoun DONT for upper-intermediate B2 level learners.  This advanced level lesson includes a grammar video tutorial (scroll down to watch) in which I explain rules and show you plenty of examples so you can see how this pronoun is used in context. I will guide you through a 24Continue reading “Level B2 – French Relative Pronoun DONT”