French Subjunctive or Indicative Expressions List

Sometimes you need to use the French subjunctive, and sometimes you do not. Learn the following list of common expressions. Those on the left are followed by the subjunctive, and the ones on the right are followed by the indicative. This is not a definitive list. I’ve only included some of the most common expressions.Continue reading “French Subjunctive or Indicative Expressions List”

Present French Conditional: Could, Should, Would

👉 Watch my video lesson on this French grammar topic at the bottom of this post 👈 Present French Conditional The present French conditional is used to express COULD – SHOULD – WOULD .  Just like in English, using the conditional tense means that something is only going to happen if a certain condition isContinue reading “Present French Conditional: Could, Should, Would”

French Imperative with Pronouns

👉 Watch my video lesson on this French grammar topic at the bottom of this post 👈 L’impĂ©ratif – Imperative Mood The imperative mood is used when giving commands, orders, or expressing wishes.  The imperative is a very direct way to give an order. Giving orders can be softened with more polite alternatives like theContinue reading “French Imperative with Pronouns”

French Daily Practice Routine

Practice every day to improve your French Are you looking for ideas to improve your French tous les jours de la semaine? Here is a list of ways you can work on your French every day of the week. Use these ideas to create daily plans that you can get excited about. Going to aContinue reading “French Daily Practice Routine”

Irregular French Verb PRENDRE

French Verb PRENDRE The irregular French verb PRENDRE is an important one to learn. Many times this verb is idiomatic in nature which means you wouldn’t necessarily think of using it in many ways that you should if you come from an English speaking background. In this lesson we will look at eight different waysContinue reading “Irregular French Verb PRENDRE”

French B1 Level Pronouns and Tenses Translation Exercises

This is a translation exercise which focuses on using different tenses or verbal constructions and pronouns at the B1 level. Look for the answer key at the bottom of this page. Don’t worry if your translations aren’t exactly like mine. Look for essential grammar mistakes rather than choice of vocabulary. Click here to see a B2Continue reading “French B1 Level Pronouns and Tenses Translation Exercises”

French Verb ÊTRE – 11 Tenses

ÊTRE – TO BE Learn the French Verb Être – 11 Tenses using this conjugation chart. Present  je suis nous sommes tu es vous ĂȘtes il – elle – on est ils – elles sont PassĂ© ComposĂ© j’ai Ă©tĂ© nous avons Ă©tĂ© tu as Ă©tĂ© vous avez Ă©tĂ© il – elle – on a Ă©tĂ© ils –Continue reading “French Verb ÊTRE – 11 Tenses”

French Verb ALLER – 11 Tenses

ALLER – TO GO Learn the French Verb Aller – 11 Tenses using this conjugation chart. Present je vais nous allons tu vas vous allez il – elle – on va ils – elles vont PassĂ© ComposĂ© je suis allĂ©(e) nous sommes allĂ©(e)s tu es allĂ©(e) vous ĂȘtes allĂ©(e)(s) il – elle – on est allĂ©(e) ilsContinue reading “French Verb ALLER – 11 Tenses”

French Verb FAIRE – 11 Tenses

FAIRE – TO DO – TO MAKE Learn the French Verb FAIRE – 11 Tenses using this handy chart. FRENCH FAIRE EXPRESSIONS Present je fais nous faisons tu fais vous faites il – elle – on fait ils – elles font PassĂ© ComposĂ© j’ai fait nous avons fait tu as fait vous avez fait il – elleContinue reading “French Verb FAIRE – 11 Tenses”

List of French Verbs Followed by the Preposition DE + NOUN

French verbs followed by DE + NOUN These verbs must be followed by DE when they are used before a NOUN whether it be a thing or a person.  There are other verbs that need DE, but here are some of the most common ones.  It will not be helpful to translate from English to FrenchContinue reading “List of French Verbs Followed by the Preposition DE + NOUN”

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