French Sentence Structure Activity

Comparing French and English Sentence Structure This mini-course includes four videos in which I lead you progressively through texts that begin at the A1 beginner level and move up to the B2 upper-intermediate level by the end.  👇 🎥 Watch the video below to hear all of the sentences being read aloud 🎥 👇  AllContinue reading “French Sentence Structure Activity”

French Present Subjunctive Endings Chart

Forming the French Present Subjunctive The French subjunctive does have some irregular verb stems that are not formed in the traditional way. Have a look at my lesson on the subjunctive mood to learn about irregular verbs in the present. Present Subjunctive Examples SUBJUNCTIVE GAME FOR THE FRENCH CLASSROOM MORE VERB ENDINGS CHARTS Regular verbsContinue reading “French Present Subjunctive Endings Chart”

French Present Conditional Endings Chart

French Present Conditional The French conditional is mostly used in si clauses to describe what would happen if some condition were met. Be careful about considering the use of the conditional every time you want to say would or could, because some situations call for the imperfect tense. Irregular Present Conditional Stems The following examples are siContinue reading “French Present Conditional Endings Chart”

French Futur Simple Tense Endings Chart

French Futur Simple Tense Use this tense to talk about future plans or intentions, and to make predictions about what may happen in the future. As you will see in the following examples, the futur simple corresponds to will + verb in English. Irregular Futur Simple Stems MORE VERB ENDINGS CHARTS Regular verbs ending inContinue reading “French Futur Simple Tense Endings Chart”

French Sentence Structure – Imperative with Pronouns

It can be interesting to look at French sentences and their English translations while comparing the two. Once you have identified corresponding words, you will realize how many similarities there are French and English. You’ll also notice some big differences, and those are worth examining more closely. Comparing French and English Sentence Structure Those shoesContinue reading “French Sentence Structure – Imperative with Pronouns”

French Sentence Structure – Relative Pronoun DONT

Go ahead, take them, they are lamps that I no longer use. Vas-y, prends-les, ce sont des lampes dont je ne me sers plus.  When you’re learning French grammar from a textbook, most of what you learn has been carefully dissected so that you can focus on one topic at a time. This is veryContinue reading “French Sentence Structure – Relative Pronoun DONT”

Depuis, Pour, Pendant, Il y a

Depuis, Pour, Pendant, Il y a Expressing Amounts of Time in French 👉 Scroll down to watch my video lesson on this grammar topic 👈 Exercise: Depuis, Pendant, Il y a Quiz: Depuis, Pendant, Il y a 50 Practice Cards DEPUIS If an event began in the past and continues into the present, use depuisContinue reading “Depuis, Pour, Pendant, Il y a”

French Expressions and Short Replies

Access listening, speaking, reading, and writing exercises to practice and master these French expressions and short replies in my course. You must be logged in to your LLL French Academy account to access this course and everything that is included. French Expressions and Short Replies The following translations use the tu form of the verbs,Continue reading “French Expressions and Short Replies”

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