ALLER – ÊTRE – AVOIR – FAIRE: Scrambled Sentences

This exercise involves scrambled sentences using the 4 most common verbs in the French language: ALLER, ÊTRE, AVOIR, FAIRE. Put all of the words in the right order to form grammatically sound sentences. Scroll down for the answer key. ALLER 1 mon / Je / aller / chien / vais / parc / avec /Continue reading “ALLER – ÊTRE – AVOIR – FAIRE: Scrambled Sentences”

French Avoir Expressions

30 Idiomatic Avoir Expressions 👇 Scroll down to watch Jennifer’s lesson on avoir expressions 👇 FRENCH FAIRE EXPRESSIONS 1 avoir ___ ans to be ___ years old 2 avoir besoin de to need 3 avoir chaud to be hot 4 avoir froid to be cold 5 avoir confiance en quelqu’un to trust someone 6 avoirContinue reading “French Avoir Expressions”

French Present Tense Story

La Journée de Vanessa – French Present Tense 👇 Scroll down for the English translation of this story 👇 La Journée de Vanessa Le réveil de Vanessa sonne à six heures.  Elle ne se lève pas tout de suite.  Elle reste au lit jusqu’à six heures et demie.  Ensuite, elle prend son petit-déjeuner.  Elle mangeContinue reading “French Present Tense Story”

French ER Verbs with Negation – Present Tense and Passé Composé

👉 Watch my video lesson on this French grammar topic at the bottom of this post 👈 👉 Click here for a list of regular French verbs ending in -ER 👈 PRESENT TENSE CONJUGATION CHART:  REGULAR -ER VERBS JE PARLE NOUS PARLONS TU PARLES VOUS PARLEZ IL – ELLE – ON PARLE ILS PARLENT PASSÉContinue reading “French ER Verbs with Negation – Present Tense and Passé Composé”

French Daily Practice Routine

Practice every day to improve your French Are you looking for ideas to improve your French tous les jours de la semaine? Here is a list of ways you can work on your French every day of the week. Use these ideas to create daily plans that you can get excited about. Going to aContinue reading “French Daily Practice Routine”

Countries, Nationalities and Languages in French

In this lesson we will talk about countries, nationalities and languages in French.  You will learn to say what your nationality is, the names and genders of countries and continents in French, and what languages are spoken in the countries you will learn.  I will teach you how to say that you are going toContinue reading “Countries, Nationalities and Languages in French”

French Verb ÊTRE – 11 Tenses

ÊTRE – TO BE Learn the French Verb Être – 11 Tenses using this conjugation chart. Present  je suis nous sommes tu es vous êtes il – elle – on est ils – elles sont Passé Composé j’ai été nous avons été tu as été vous avez été il – elle – on a été ils –Continue reading “French Verb ÊTRE – 11 Tenses”

French Verb ALLER – 11 Tenses

ALLER – TO GO Learn the French Verb Aller – 11 Tenses using this conjugation chart. Present je vais nous allons tu vas vous allez il – elle – on va ils – elles vont Passé Composé je suis allé(e) nous sommes allé(e)s tu es allé(e) vous êtes allé(e)(s) il – elle – on est allé(e) ilsContinue reading “French Verb ALLER – 11 Tenses”

How to form French adverbs

Watch my video lesson below to learn how to form adverbs in French, then learn this list of French adverbs and you’ll really enrich your vocabulary. Everything you say will sound better, and YOU will sound more French! 👉Scroll down to watch my comprehensive video lesson on how to compare using adverbs 👈 Click here forContinue reading “How to form French adverbs”

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