Le Futur Proche – French Near Future

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Le Futur Proche


When referring to something that is going to happen soon after the present moment, ALLER is conjugated in the present and is followed by an infinitive.  It corresponds to going to + infinitive in English. 

je vais + infinitivenous allons + infinitive
tu vas + infinitivevous allez + infinitive
il va + infinitive
elle va + infinitive
on va + infinitive
ils vont + infinitive
elles vont + infinitive

Observe the following sentences written in the futur proche

👉 Mes amis vont partir.

👉 My friends are going to leave.

👉 Est-ce que tu vas m’appeler ?

👉 Are you going to call me?

👉 Christine va apprendre les bonnes nouvelles.

👉 Christine is going to learn the good news. 

👉 Vous allez rater le train.

👉 You are going to miss the train. 

👉 Je vais voir mon professeur.

👉 I am going to see my teacher. 

👉 Les filles vont commencer à faire le gâteau.

👉 The girls are going to start making the cake. 

👉 Nous allons terminer nos devoirs.

👉 We are going to finish our homework. 


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