Name That French Tense Activity – Practice Using French Tenses

Comparing French and English Tenses

These practice cards and 2 hours of private video instruction provide an excellent opportunity to review why each tense is chosen for a particular sentence. Translations are included. It can be very interesting to compare French and English sentence structure. There are many similarities, and many big differences as well. That’s when it’s time to pay close attention!

The first 50 cards in each set use these tenses: le présent, l’imparfait, le futur simple, le passé composé, le conditionnel, le plus-que-parfait et le conditionnel passé.

The second 50 cards in each set use all of the tenses mentioned above, and also include cards using: le futur antérieur, le subjonctif, le subjonctif passé, l’impératif, et le passé récent. Many si clauses are included.


Present Tense – Depuis, Pendant, Il y a

Imperfect Tense

Le Futur Simple

Le Passé Composé

Le Conditionnel

2nd Conditional Si Clauses

Le Plus-Que-Parfait

Le Conditionnel Passé

Le Futur Antérieur

Using the Future Tense with Quand

Le Subjonctif

Le Subjonctif Passé


Venir De + Imperfect Tense

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