Le Futur Simple – French Future Tense

Are you ready to learn a new way to speak about the future? Have you been using the futur proche all the time? Are you ready to up your game in the way you speak French? You’ll see the futur simple is very useful, and it’s not hard to form. Have a look at my comprehensive video lesson at the bottom of this page. I will teach you how to use this tense with regular and irregular verbs, and you’ll have loads of resources to help you practice and master your new skill!

Common verbs that have irregular future stems

allerir-j’iraiI will go
avoiraur-j’auraiI will have
courircourr-je courraiI will run
devoirdevr-je devraiI will have to
envoyerenverr-j’enverraiI will send
êtreser-je seraiI will be
fairefer-je feraiI will do / I will make
falloirfaudr-il faudraIt will be necessary
mourirmourr-je mourraiI will die
obtenirobtiendr-j’obtiendraiI will obtain
pleuvoirpleuvr-il pleuvraIt will rain
pouvoirpourr-je pourraiI will be able to
recevoirrecevr-je recevraiI will receive
savoirsaur-je sauraiI will know
tenirtiendr-je tiendraiI will hold
venirviendr-je viendraiI will come
voirverr-je verraiI will see
vouloirvoudr-je voudraiI will want


STEP 1: Download your 6 page study guide and be ready to take notes and write sentences in the futur simple.

STEP 2: Watch my video tutorial.

STEP 3: Worksheet #1 – Futur proche vs Futur simple

STEP 4: Worksheet #2 – Complete sentences by filling in the blanks with verbs in the futur simple.

STEP 5: Practice, practice, practice using your set of 40 conjugation cards. You’ll see the futur simple in action with 40 new examples. Regular and irregular verbs are included for lots of exposure.

STEP 6: Have a little fun while learning the futur simple with 5 crossword puzzles.

STEP 7: Once you complete this set of 50 sudoku puzzles, you’ll definitely be a pro! There are so many different versions. You’ll be able to print new ones anytime you’d like a fun review.

STEP 8: See the futur simple in action with 10 different page long mini-dialogues. It’s always a great idea to see how your new skill can be used in different contexts. Try reading them aloud to practice oral production! Here’s a list of the fun themes used in the dialogues:

La météo
Le cinéma
Au restaurant
Chez le médecin
La montagne
La plage
Les vacances
Les tâches ménagères

STEP 9: You have 60 half-page worksheets to practice using 60 different verbs in the futur simple. Regular and irregular verbs are included. You write the conjugation as well as your own sentence using the verb. Use at least 7 words!

STEP 10: You’ll get a link to a Quizlet study set that you can use online anytime to practice forming the futur simple with fun games and tests to evaluate your progress.

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