Why choose Love Learning Languages?

Hi, I’m Jennifer…

I’m a real French teacher. I’ve been teaching French professionally for over 20 years. I have a BA in English & French, and an MA in French language and literature.

My lessons and resources are comprehensive and structured in such a way that English speakers can understand and make sense of the French language while having fun, feeling relaxed, and with no stress.

I know what it’s like to learn French as an English speaker. I understand the difficulties. I know what you need. I know how to explain it. Teaching French is my passion!

Email me: french@lovelearninglanguages.com

I’m François…

I’m François, and I’m a French-American citizen originally from Paris. I moved to the US as a student in the 90’s and have a BS from Northeastern University in Boston, and an MBA from the University of San Diego.

I actively participated in the creation of the St. Louis French Immersion School as a founding faculty member.  

I live in France with Jennifer and our kids where I teach online, lead conversation & immersion courses, and create resources for the French classroom.

Email me: francoisrcrespin@gmail.com

Come learn French with us!

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