French Conversation and Grammar Group – French Tuesdays

Join Jennifer’s Tuesday French Groups for themed conversation and grammar practice.

Improve your French and learn something new every week from the comfort of your own home in an informal setting.

Themes change weekly, and you’ll receive practice materials to prepare and use during sessions.

Grammaire:  4:30 pm- 5:10 pm (French Time Zone)

Conversation: 5:20 pm – 6:00 pm (French Time Zone)

French Tuesdays

  • online weekly sessions on Zoom
  • all levels are welcome
  • practice speaking and listening
  • work on grammar
  • relaxed and informal setting
  • small groups
  • themes change weekly for grammar and conversation
  • sign up when you want to attend
  • no subscription is necessary
  • all learning and practice materials are included in the weekly fee 

Shortly after you sign up on Meetup, I will email you everything you need to prepare for Tuesday (lesson links, practice cards, conversation questions, vocabulary lists, quizzes, study guides).

To prepare for our grammar session, I’ll send you my lesson to watch in advance. You will feel prepared as you work through a stack of challenge cards with your group (answers are included).   You’re going to enjoy working through the exercises together, and I’ll be right there to answer all of your questions.

To prepare for conversation, I’ll send you themed discussion questions along with vocabulary lists to discuss in small groups.  You’d be amazed at how much progress you can make by devoting some time every week to speaking French.  

Student Testimonial

I wanted to thank you for welcoming me into your LLL sessions.  I’m enjoying it all very much.  In my previous French classes, I rarely spoke, intimidated by the other students, and (un peu) by the teacher.  Finally, I realized that while I could read Irène Némirovsky, I couldn’t put 3 sentences together.  My initial goal was to become functional in my interactions when I travel, and while I had a decent foundation I needed something different.  So, I decided that when I joined your group, I’d just go for it.  I know that I make tons of errors, but I’m just so happy to find a place where I feel comfortable enough to take risks.  You set a supportive and patient tone, and the other students follow your lead. C’est parfait pour moi!

LLL conversation and grammar groups are for anyone interested in learning more French and improving grammar, speaking and listening skills. All skill levels are welcome. It’s a time to get together with other people wanting to do the same thing on an informal platform.

Don’t worry about being in a huge group where you can’t participate or hear because people are speaking over each other. You will be placed with others in small groups of 3 – 4 to work together on specific grammar and conversation themes. Jennifer will regularly pop in and out of groups to answer questions and to listen in while making suggestions and offering learning tips.

Grammar and conversation themes change weekly, and have been carefully selected. Jennifer will be there to answer questions and help you along as you interact with other group members. Prior to meeting on Zoom, you will receive learning materials and resources to use during sessions. All of the materials are designed to accompany Jennifer’s YouTube lessons.

This is a French conversation and grammar group for non-native French speakers, and grammar is explained in English.

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