31 Day French Challenge – Le Défi du Mois d’Août

31 Day French Challenge ~ Le Défi du Mois d’Août This 31 day French challenge is for intermediate level learners and higher. Lower level learners inching towards the A2 level will learn a ton!  You’ll learn lots of new vocabulary, practice it in meaningful context, have conversations in French with me for oral production, workContinue reading “31 Day French Challenge – Le Défi du Mois d’Août”

Essential French Grammar Study Notes

Essential French Grammar Notes – Beginner to Advanced Levels There are a lot of rules to learn in French grammar. As you work your way through my French Course for Self Learners, you’re learning so much. Maybe it’s hard to remember details and charts as you move from one lesson to the next. Wouldn’t it beContinue reading “Essential French Grammar Study Notes”

French Halloween Vocabulary List

Le Vocabulaire d’Halloween vampire un vampire blood du sang fangs des crocs cape une cape fairy une fée wings des ailes magic magique leaves des feuilles autumn l’automne mask un masque hide se cacher costume un costume candle une bougie princess une princesse magic wand une baguette magique party une fête games des jeux OctoberContinue reading “French Halloween Vocabulary List”

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