French Teacher Ideas – Last Weeks of School – Back to School

Are you a French teacher looking for some engaging and enjoyable activities that require minimal preparation for the end of the school year or for back to school?

To help you make the most of the end of the year with your students, here’s my top ten list of fun grammar and vocabulary-based ideas.

You may already have some of these activities ready to go, and remember that there’s nothing wrong with repeating an activity that you did earlier in the year. 

The idea is to keep it very low prep for you!  Whatever you decide to do, end of the year activities are also fantastic for back to schoolTu peux faire d’une pierre deux coups!!

1.  Taboo Games: Students describe a word without using specific related terms, challenging their language abilities.

2.  Jeopardy Games: Create a quiz game with different categories and point values to review grammar and vocabulary concepts.  

3.  Paired Speaking: Assign topics and pair students up to discuss them. This activity encourages collaboration and fluency development.

4.  Conjugation Games like Tic-Tac-Toe: Transform the classic game into a conjugation challenge. Students conjugate verbs to place their X or O, making the game more exciting.

5.  Short Poetry Lesson: Introduce French poetry with a concise lesson and explore famous poems together. Encourage students to write and share their own creations for a creative twist.

6.  Ice Breaker Activities: Begin each class with a quick ice breaker to energize your students and foster a positive learning environment. Try language-related “how well do I know you” games or entertaining French related trivia questions.

7.  Acting Out French Skits: Divide students into groups, and assign them skits to act out in French. This activity enhances pronunciation, comprehension, and teamwork.

8.  Conjugation Games like Rock-Paper-Scissors: Turn a classic hand game into a conjugation battle. Students conjugate verbs and compete against each other, creating a dynamic learning experience.

9.  Quel Dommage Grammar Games: Use the popular card game “Quel Dommage” to reinforce grammar concepts. Students play cards with different sentence structures, creating correct sentences while avoiding “quel dommage” cards.

10.  Dice Games: Use dice to create interactive vocabulary or grammar challenges. Assign a task or question to each number, and students roll the dice to determine their activity.

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