How to Use “Depuis” in French

“Depuis” is a powerful French adverb, preposition, and conjunction that can be used in various contexts to express time, duration, causality, and more. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced French learner, understanding the different ways to use “depuis” will greatly enhance your language skills. From expressing past actions to indicating a starting point or even conveying a sense of continuity, explore the multitude of possibilities with “depuis” and elevate your French proficiency to new heights.

Time ReferenceDepuis + Specific point in timeJ’étudie le français depuis 5 ans.I have been studying French for 5 years.
Depuis +DurationIl travaille ici depuis une semaine.He has been working here for a week.
Depuis + Event in the pastJe ne l’ai pas vu depuis la fête.I haven’t seen him since the party.
Cause and EffectDepuis que + VerbDepuis qu’il est arrivé, tout a changé.Since he arrived, everything has changed.
Depuis (cela)Depuis (cela), ilest très prudent.Since then, he has been very cautious.
ComparisonDepuis + Adjective/nounElle est heureuse depuis sa promotion.She has been happy since her promotion.
Depuis +VerbIl est fatigué depuis qu’il a couru.He is tired since he ran.
Source or OriginVenir de +Verb (recent past construction)Il vient de partir depuis l’aéroport.He just left (from) the airport.
Consecutive ActionsDepuis +VerbElle mange depuis qu’elle est rentrée à la maison.She has been eating since she came home.
Spatial ReferenceDepuis + LocationIl observe la mer depuis la terrasse.He is looking at the sea from the terrace.

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