French Daily Planner and Gratitude Journal

Keep track of your daily schedule in French!

Wouldn’t you love to practice French a little every day in a very personalised way? Here’s a daily planner – un agenda quotidien – that you are going to love! This is a daily planner that will have you writing in French every day.  It’s a good idea for everyone to have a daily (or weekly) planner to keep up with everything that needs to be done, and this way practicing French can be checked off as well!

There are 200 pages included (100 if you print double-sided) which correspond to 100 days of daily planning and journaling. The pages in the second part are more challenging as they include higher level vocabulary and reflexive verbs. The second set also differs from the first in that the emotional adjectives have been changed.

Here’s an idea of what’s included for each day of journaling:

  • Je suis où?
  • Where am I?
  • Il fait quel temps?
  • What’s the weather like?
  • La citation du jour en français
  • French quote of the day
  • Je me sens (+ adjectif + parce que…)
  • I feel ______ because…
  • Ma petite liste de trucs à faire
  • My little list of things to do
  • J’ai fait de l’exercice? (oui – non)
  • Did I exercise? Yes or No
  • Le mot du jour (français – anglais)
  • French word of the day
  • J’ai fait _____ pas aujourd’hui.
  • I walked _____ steps today.
  • Ce que je vais faire rien que pour me faire plaisir…
  • What I am going to do just to make myself happy…
  • Je m’hydrate: Je bois au moins 6 verres d’eau par jour.
  • I hydrate myself: I drink at least 6 glasses of water per day (check them off)
  • Conjugue le verb ______ au temps que tu veux.
  • Conjugate the verb of the day in the tense of your choice.
  • Fais une petite phrase avec le verbe du jour.
  • Write a little sentence with the verb of the day.
  • L’expression du jour (français – anglais)
  • Expression of the day in French and English
  • Écris un peu tous les jours: Termine la phrase _________ et fais un paragraphe.
  • Write a little every day: Finish the sentence provided and write a paragraph.
  • Je suis reconnaissant(e)…. (4 choses)
  • Write 4 things you’re grateful for today

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