Je suis confus(e) – Common Mistake in French

How not to say I’m confused in French

Don’t make this common mistake…

In English, we often say I’m confused or I’m so confused. It could be tempting translate in French as “Je suis confus(e)”, but that would be a big mistake, and you likely would not be understood.

Observe the following translations of Je suis confus(e). All are quite formal, and none of them mean anything like being confused in English.

🥐 I’m embarrassed.

☕ I’m upset.

🥐 I’m distressed.

☕ I’m sorry.

Some ways to say I’m confused in French

🥐 Je suis perdu. – I’m lost.

☕ Je suis paumé. – I’m lost. (very familiar)

🥐 Je suis largué. – I can’t keep up. (very familiar)

☕ Je suis dans le brouillard. – I am in the fog.

🥐 Je n’y comprends rien. – I don’t understand anything.

☕ Je ne comprends pas trop. – I don’t understand much.


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