Obliger à / Obligé(e) de


Contraindre ou lier (quelqu’un) par une obligation morale, légale.
To compel or bind (somebody) by a moral, legal obligation.

When obliger is used as a verb, it is often followed by an infinitive. In this case, use the preposition à after the verb.

👉 On nous oblige à faire des recherches.

👉 We are obliged (forced) to do research.

👉 Il m’oblige à lire dans ma chambre.

👉 He makes me (forces me to) read in my room.


Tenu, lié par une obligation, une nécessité.
Held, bound by an obligation, a necessity.

When obligé is used as an adjective, it is often paired with the verbs être or se sentir. In this case, use the preposition de after the adjective.

👉 Elle est obligée de rester chez elle.

👉 She is obliged (forced) to stay at home.

👉 Elle se sent obligée de rester chez elle.

👉 She feels compelled to stay at home.


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