French Dictée – A1 Level – Le Voyage

Listen to the dictée while watching the video below. Download your free support guide which indicates all of the grammar topics included as well as the correction and English translation @LLL French Academy.

LENGTH40 – 60 WORDS: This is the length of the written part of the A1 DELF EXAM
INSTRUCTIONSWrite exactly what you hear in the dictée.  I will read each sentence twice. 

Pause the video if you need more time to write. Keep in mind that in French many words seem to run together and sound like just one word. 

Useful vocabulary:
point = period; full stop
virgule = comma
point d’exclamation = exclamation mark
point d’interrogation = question mark
GRAMMARGrammar covered in this dictée:

Regular French verbs ending in ER, IR, and RE
Reflexive verbs – Present tense
Futur proche
Passé composé with avoir
Imperfect tense
Direct object pronouns
Indirect object pronouns

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