Plus-Que-Parfait Tense – Mini French Lesson

Put the verb in parentheses in the plus-que-parfait tense: The infinitive is the verb voir, and I’d like you to use ne … jamais as negation: 👉 Nous (ne jamais voir) la mer. Use the plus-que-parfait along with negation. 👉 Nous n’avions jamais vu la mer. 👉 Translation: We had never seen the sea. BeContinue reading “Plus-Que-Parfait Tense – Mini French Lesson”

French Relative Pronoun: DONT

Link the following sentences using a relative pronoun: Choose between QUI – QUE – OÙ – DONT: 👉 Voici l’appartement. Tu m’as parlé de cet appartement. Use a pronoun to make one sentence and avoid repeating the word appartement. 👉 Voici l’appartement . . . tu m’as parlé de. Which relative pronoun is the bestContinue reading “French Relative Pronoun: DONT”

French Futur Antérieur Tense

👇 Scroll down to watch Jennifer’s lesson on the futur antérieur tense 👇 Le Futur Antérieur – French Future Perfect Tense This is a tense that you can use to talk about something that will have happened at some point in the future.  The action will have had a beginning and  an ending.  This tenseContinue reading “French Futur Antérieur Tense”

Being Consistent with French Tenses

La Concordance des Temps This lesson will show intermediate to advanced learners of French how to reply to the following situations and retell a dialogue.   Observe the following chart, and when you want to relay or retell information that has been said, pay close attention to the verb tense that is  used in the directContinue reading “Being Consistent with French Tenses”

Futur Antérieur – French Verb Tense Lesson and Quiz

👉 Scroll down to watch my video lesson on the futur antérieur 👈 Quiz yourself again! Conjuguez les verbes entre parenthèses au futur antérieur. Check your work with the answer key that follows. 1. Nous _____ (arriver) au restaurant avant 20 heures. 2. J’espère qu’il _____ (avoir) mon message avant de quitter la maison. 3.Continue reading “Futur Antérieur – French Verb Tense Lesson and Quiz”