French Texting Abbreviations

Stay in the loop with the latest slang and acronyms used in French text messages and in chatting. French can be formal and proper, and it can also be super casual and slangy, especially French texting abbreviations.

French Verbs Apporter Emporter

Are you confused about when to use the French verbs “apporter” and “emporter”? These two verbs may seem similar, but they actually have distinct meanings and usage. Let’s clear up the confusion!

The verb “apporter” means “to bring” and is used when you are carrying something toward the place where you are currently located. For example, you would use “apporter” when bringing a book to the living room or bringing a gift to a party.

On the other hand, “emporter” means “to take away” and is used when you are carrying something from the place where you are currently located. For instance, you would use “emporter” when taking a sandwich to go or taking your belongings from a hotel room.

French Verb Falloir

In this lesson, we will explore the different ways to use “falloir” in context. We will focus on two main structures: “il faut que” followed by the subjunctive and the usage of “il faut” with indirect object pronouns followed by infinitives. By the end of this lesson, you will have a solid grasp of these structures and be able to navigate the world of “falloir” with confidence.

Pronounce S in the French Word PLUS?

The pronunciation of the French word “plus” often confuses learners, particularly regarding the elusive “s” at its end. Let’s clarify the enigma surrounding how to pronounce “plus” in French in my short video lesson, and be sure download my free study guide to keep as a handy reference tool.