French Texting Abbreviations

Stay in the loop with the latest slang and acronyms used in French text messages and in chatting. French can be formal and proper, and it can also be super casual and slangy, especially French texting abbreviations.

French texting adds a whole other dimension! It’s a crazy mix of shortcuts and acronyms that people use mostly in texts, social media, chats, forums, and even protest signs. It’s like a language of its own, always changing and expanding, so it’s pretty much impossible to make a definitive list of all the things people come up with.

Discover Essential French Texting Abbreviations

AbbreviationFrench MeaningEnglish Translation
cccoucouhi, hey
ctc’étaitit was
cvça va?how’s it going?
sltsaluthi, hello
stps’il te plaîtplease
bjrbonjourhello, good day
a+à plus (tard)see you later
tktt’inquiètedon’t worry
t ou?tu es où?where are you?
mdrmort de rireLOL
bcpbeaucoupa lot, much
jtmje t’aimeI love you
b1biengood, fine
qqchquelque chosesomething
cc cv ?coucou ça va ?hi, how are you?
jspje ne sais pasI don’t know
trkltranquillerelaxed, calm
pk paspourquoi paswhy not
bsrbonsoirgood evening
bcp de tafbeaucoup de travaila lot of work
tgta gueuleshut up
jspje ne sais pasI don’t know
keskequ’est-ce quewhat
c koic’est quoiwhat is that
ctbc’est tout bonall good
tlmtout le mondeeveryone
2riende rienyou’re welcome
Gj’aiI have
yail y athere is / there are

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