French Phone Numbers Exercise

If you’ve learned how to count to 100 in French, it’s time to practice your listening comprehension! French numbers can be tricky, especially 70 – 99.  

Have you ever needed to say a French phone number to someone? Better yet, have you ever had someone tell you a French phone number and your mind goes blank?  Learning the numbers just isn’t enough.

Let’s talk about French phone numbers and how they are different from other numbers in the language. This is an important aspect of your French listening comprehension and it’s important to practice a lot so that you won’t be lost when it happens to you!

In French, phone numbers are usually composed of ten digits. The first two digits represent the area code, followed by an eight-digit phone number.  Example:

It is important to practice listening to French phone numbers because it can help you improve your listening comprehension skills. This way you will be able to understand what people are saying on the phone, which is especially useful if you are traveling to France.

One of the best ways to practice listening to French phone numbers is through a dictée exercise. A dictée is a French dictation exercise where you listen to a series of words or phrases and write them down. 

I have a free French phone numbers dictée exercise that you can try out and see how you do! This exercise will give you a chance to practice your listening skills and improve your understanding of French phone numbers.

So, grab a pen and paper and let’s get started! I encourage you to do this 11 minute exercise over and over and over and over again!