French Adjective TOUT

Level A1 Lesson – French Adjective TOUT

@ LLL French Academy

This is a very important lesson as you work your way through the basics of the A1 program.  You will learn all of the different ways to use TOUT as an adjective. Jennifer explains everything in a short, ten minute video lesson.  Be sure to have your lesson guide handy in case you want to take some notes.  Once you have watched the lesson, practice with the Quizlet study set that is provided before working with your practice cards.

This lesson includes two sets of 50 practice cards to help you learn and master the French adjectives tout – tous – toute – toutes with verbs in the present tense. These cards are also a wonderful way to practice other basic beginner level grammar, such as articles, conjunctions, demonstrative adjectives, descriptive adjectives, avoir expressions, expressions of quantity, negation, regular verbs, and some irregular verbs like être, avoir, aller, faire, vouloir, pouvoir, devoir, savoir, and connaître.

Watch the video in the course preview for a closer look at how I like to use these cards.

The first set of 50 cards presents sentences in which you fill in the blanks with the correct form of the adjective TOUT.

The second set of 50 cards presents a true CHALLENGE. Pay very close attention to all of the words used in sentences in the first set, because in the second set many of those words are omitted. You will be challenged to fill in the blanks with the missing words.

Example from set 1: (Fill in the correct form of tout) les voitures au péage sont en route vers la France.

The second set is a real challenge. Fill in the missing words that you will have seen in the first set.

Example from set 2: (Fill in the correct form of tout) les voitures au péage sont en route (fill in the missing word) la France.


  • 10 minute video lesson
  • Printable lesson guide
  • Quizlet study set
  • 50 practice cards 
  • 50 challenge cards
  • Answer key 

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