Bon – Bien – Meilleur – Mieux

Bon – Bien – Meilleur – Mieux

In this lesson you will learn many different ways to use these tricky French adverbs and adjectives.  Do you ever have trouble knowing when to use which word? Have a look at the following paragraph for a sampling of the many ways to use bon, bien, meilleur and mieux.

French text:

C’est bien que Jennifer me propose cette bonne leçon sur les adverbes et les adjectifs. Cela me fera du bien. Cette année, je me suis dit, “C’est bon, ça suffit! Je vais bien améliorer mon français. Ce serait une bonne idée! Suivre un bon cours bien pensé sera mieux pour moi que de chercher des exercices en ligne. Travailler seul(e), c’est bien…. mais bien travailler avec un bon professeur, c’est encore mieux. Je peux commencer ce cours aujourd’hui et continuer quand je veux. Il ne fait pas bon dehors. Il fait bien meilleur dans mon salon. J’ai regardé la vidéo, et ça va déjà mieux. Je me sens mieux parce que je commence à comprendre les règles. Les leçons que j’ai lues dans mon cahier d’exercices étaient bien, mais celle-ci me semble mieux.”

English translation:

It’s great that Jennifer is offering me this good lesson on adverbs and adjectives. This will do me good. This year I told myself, “Right, that’s enough! I’m going to improve my French. That would be a good idea! Taking a good, well-planned course will be better for me than looking for exercises online. Studying alone is fine… but really working with a good teacher is even better. I can begin this course today and continue when I want to. It’s kind of cold outside. It’s nicer in my living room. I’ve already watched the video, and I’m already feeling better. I feel better because I’m beginning to understand the rules. The lessons that I read in my workbook were good, but this one seems better.”

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Adjectives agree with the nouns they describe, and adverbs are invariable:

Comparing with bon and meilleur as adjectives with nouns and pronouns. Bon and meilleur are BAGS adjectives, so they are placed in front of the nouns they describe:

Bien and mieux as adverbs with verbs:

Bon and meilleur as adverbs with faire (temperature related):

Bon and meilleur as adverbs with sentir (to smell):

Bien as an adverb with se sentir (to feel):

Bon and bien as adjectives with linking verbs:

Bon and meilleur as adjectives with linking verbs:

Bon as an adjective with linking verbs:


Use bien as an adjective with linking verbs to express satisfaction, moral judgement, or something that is pleasing in some way:



Use bon to say that something is correct or right:

Use bien to mean really before bon and certain other adjectives:

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Imagine que tu es à table au restaurant:

Imagine you’re eating at a restaurant:

C’est bon ou c’est bien?

Bonjour et Bienvenue


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