French Pronunciation Lesson

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Difficult Words to Pronounce in French

This is a lesson to help you out with difficult French pronunciation. You know how some French words just seem impossible? You may find some of those on this list, and I’ll bet some of them will be new to you! Let me know in the comments if there are other French words you find difficult to pronounce.

The first step is to watch our 13 minute video tutorial carefully and take notes, maybe even making your own pronunciation rules. I’ve included a 1 page study guide in my free course so that you will have all of the examples used in the video written down for you both in French and in English as well as 3 hints to help you out in your pronunciation. You must be logged in to your LLL French Academy account (it’s free to sign up!) to access this course and everything that is included.

In the next step, you’ll be able to listen to and download François’ 7 minute audio recording of the same 50 words. This will allow you to listen, repeat, and practice over and over again from anywhere! He will say each French word slowly two times, and then follow up with the English translation.

un timbrea stamp
un miroira mirror
le déverrouillagethe unlocking
la vaissellethe dishes
un Ă©cureuila squirrel
un chirurgiena surgeon
une spécialisationa specialization
une grenouillea frog
une heurean hour
un filleula godson
en dessousunderneath
j’auraiI will have
j’auraisI would have
une chaussurea shoe
une cacahuĂštea peanut
le caoutchoucrubber
le brouillardfog
un mura wall
un oeufan egg
des oeufseggs
un onglea fingernail
Ă©ternuerto sneeze
une ruea street
une rouea wheel
cueillirto pick fruit or flowers
l’accueilthe reception area
accueillirto welcome
une cuillĂšrea spoon
le bruitnoise
une brouettea wheelbarrow
la quincailleriehardware store
un croissantcroissant
une bouilloirea kettle
l’inconnuthe unknown
une inondationa flood
une inégalitéan inequality
une inutilitéuselessness
Les Champs ÉlysĂ©es———–
Le Centre Pompidou
Locally known as Beaubourg
Le Louvre———–
La Tour Eiffel———–

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