Fun French Verbs for Conversation

Here is a list of fun French verbs to spice up your conversations. Be sure to download your vocabulary list and practice and master all of it with the Quizlet study set that’s provided.

Practice and master this vocabulary on Quizlet

amenerto bring
transporterto carry
porterto wear
contacterto contact
mettreto put on
réduireto reduce
se connecterto connect to
vérifierto check
être perduto be confused
prévenirto warn
confronterto confront
préparerto prepare
organiserto organize
demander conseilto ask for advice
réfléchirto think, reflect
comparerto compare
se tromperto make a mistake
se promenerto take a walk
se protégerto protect yourself
s’excuserto apologize
raconter to tell
décrireto describe
vérifierto verify
conseillerto advise
faire peurto scare
informerto inform
se dépêcherto hurry
se calmerto calm down
agir to act
faire attentionto be careful
se soignerto treat
s’occuper deto take care of
ignorerto ignore
mentirto lie

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