French Prepositions of Place

The following are sixteen of the most common French prepositions of location. Practice and master these prepositions to say where people and things are located in relation to other people and things. 

Note that many of these prepositions are followed by de. This means you may need to form a contraction depending on the number and gender of the noun that follows it.

Remember: DE + LE = DU and DE + LES = DES

Watch my comprehensive video lesson at the bottom of this post.

devantin front of
à côté denext to
près denear
par terreon the floor
au milieuin the middle
à gauche deto the left (of)
à droite deto the right (of)
au dessus deabove
en dessous debeneath / below

What’s included in this French prepositions of location course?

👉 Lesson guide: Download your lesson guide before watching the video and be ready to take notes. All of the images from the video lesson are on the lesson guide, and they are also included in the Quizlet study set link that you will receive.

👉 Video tutorial: 12 minute video tutorial on prepositions of location with lots of examples and images.

👉 Translation exercise: This exercise looks like the lesson guide, but after having watched the video and seen how the prepositions are used in sentences, you’ll be asked to translate from English to French. Let’s see how much you’ve retained from the lesson!

👉 Written exercise: This is a reading exercise about a tidy bedroom and a writing exercise about an untidy one. There is a paragraph to read about a tidy bedroom. The idea is to see if you can figure out what it means even if you don’t know all of the vocabulary. The prepositions of location are used as context clues. The next part of this activity is to write ten sentences of your own about the image provided featuring an untidy bedroom. A list of useful vocabulary is provided and a quizlet study set as well. This list of vocabulary itemizes everything you see in the bedroom so that you can focus on the writing activity rather than looking up words in the dictionary. This is an excellent way to increase your vocabulary.

👉 Practice cards: Use your set of 16 practice cards (French only) to form sentences about where things are located no matter where you may be. I recommend printing the cards and cutting them out so that you can have them handy and ready to use when you feel like it. You can use them to talk about where things are located at home, in your car, in town, at work, at the bookstore… Anywhere!

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