French Autumn Vocabulary List

un gland an acorn la ToussaintAll Saints Day une pommean apple un tas de feuillesa pile of leaves une couverturea blanket des bottesboots un blousona jacket un feu de cheminéea chimney fire un chocolat chaudhot chocolate des châtaigneschestnuts des nuagesclouds le ventthe wind un pulla sweater un rhumea cold la pluiethe rain de la tarteContinue reading “French Autumn Vocabulary List”

L’Automne – Mini French Dialogue about Autumn

Practice your French as you read and listen to a one page dialogue between two people talking about l’automne. To access this free resource, you must be logged in to your LLL French Academy account. It’s free to sign up! You may also enjoy a French Fall Vocabulary list with 32 words and images. ShortContinue reading “L’Automne – Mini French Dialogue about Autumn”