Test Your Knowledge of French Culture

One of the best parts about learning French is getting to know the rich and fascinating culture behind the language. I’ll bet one of the reasons you are learning French is because you are a true francophile! Learning French should be a fun experience, and that’s why I have created a free B2 level French CultureContinue reading “Test Your Knowledge of French Culture”

French Culture Quiz

Quiz About France France Vocabulary List How much do you know about France and French culture? Have fun testing your knowledge en français with a free quiz . The questions aren’t easy, so be ready for a challenge! Fifty questions are included, covering the following themes: la vie quotidienne – le cinéma – la modeContinue reading “French Culture Quiz”

French schools: 10 Interesting Facts

1. Going to school is required by French law French parents have all used this threat against their growing kids in case they start voicing that they would love to just stay at home and skip school. It is of course the same in the USA where school is mandatory in all states. 2. OldContinue reading “French schools: 10 Interesting Facts”