Advanced French Connecting Words

Advanced French Connecting Words

As you become a more advanced learner of French you will find yourself needing connecting words or linking words to help make your point and seamlessly transition from one sentence to another.  These French connecting words will enrich your vocabulary,  speaking, and writing skills. ​


Fais tes devoirs, sinon tu vas rater ton examen.

Do your homework, otherwise you are going to fail your exam.

EN REVANCHEon the other hand; then again

Je ne sais pas parler chinois.  En revanche, je parle couramment le français!

I don’t know how to speak Chinese.  On the other hand, I speak French fluently!

PAR CONTREon the other hand; however

Tu n’aimes pas les champignons.  Moi, par contre, je les adore.

You don’t like mushrooms.  I, however, love them.

DE TOUTE FAÇONanyway; anyhow

De toute façon, on se verra ce week-end.

Anyway, we’ll see each other this weekend.

D’AILLEURSincidentally; by the way

Tu n’as pas fait le dîner.  D’ailleurs, tu n’as même pas fait les courses.

You didn’t make dinner.  Incidentally, you didn’t even go grocery shopping.


Nous n’avons pas envie de déménager.  Néanmoins, il faut le faire.

We don’t feel like moving house.  Nevertheless, we have to do it.

EN FAITin fact; actually

En fait, ce que tu dis est faux.

Actually, what you’re saying is wrong.

AU FAITby the way; now that I think about it

Au fait, j’aime beaucoup ton parfum.

By the way, I really like your perfume.

PUISQUEsince; because; as

Puisque c’est comme ça, je ne viendrai pas ce soir.

Since it’s like that, I won’t come tonight.

C’EST-À-DIRE – that is; in other words

Je suis professeur de français, c’est-à-dire j’enseigne la langue française.

I am a French teacher, in other words I teach the French language.

EN EFFETindeed

En effet, je voudrais bien y aller avec toi.

Indeed, I would like to go (there) with you.

JUSTEMENTexactly; precisely; actually; as it happens

C’est justement ce que je te disais.

That’s precisely what I was telling you.

ACTUELLEMENTcurrently; at the moment

Actuellement je travaille pour mon père.

At the moment I’m working for my father.

À LA FOISat the same time; at once

Je fais à la fois une soupe aux poireaux et du pain.

I’m making leek soup and bread at the same time.

SUBITEMENT suddenly; abruptly

Mon oncle est décédé subitement l’année dernière.

My uncle died suddenly last year.

FINALEMENTafter all; in the end; at the end of the day

Finalement, j’ai décidé de croire son histoire.

In the end, I decided to believe his story.

POURTANTyet; however

On nous a servi du champagne, et pourtant nous n’avions pas prévu de rester.

They served us champagne yet we had not planned on staying.

ENFINfinally; at long last

Enfin ils se sont mariés.

They finally got married.

EN PLUSthen; on top of that

On a très bien mangé dans ce restaurant, et en plus le propriétaire est très aimable.

We ate very well at this restaurant, and on top of that the owner is very friendly.

Level B2: French Connecting Words

As you become a more advanced learner of French you will find yourself needing connecting words or linking words to help make your point and seamlessly transition from one sentence to another. These French connecting words will enrich your vocabulary, speaking, and writing skills.

➯ STEP 1: Lesson guide – Download your list of 20 French connecting words. See the words in French with English translations, then read the example sentences for each word also in French with English translations.

➯ STEP 2:  Download and complete five exercises in short paragraph form. Fill in the blanks with connecting words that are provided in a word bank. For each exercise, don’t use any word more than once. Answer keys are provided. 

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