Is there a present perfect tense in French?

The verb tense called the present perfect in English doesn’t exist in French. How is this be possible? We use the present perfect tense all the time in English. How do the French get along without it? Examples of the present perfect in English: She has lived here for three years. We have (already) beenContinue reading “Is there a present perfect tense in French?”

Ways to say “have, has, had” in French

Here’s a list of ways to say have, has, had in French: She has a big apartment. She had a big apartment. AVOIRElle a un grand appartement. Elle avait un grand appartement. I have to finish my homework. I had to finish my homework. DEVOIR / FALLOIRJe dois finir mes devoirs.J’ai dû finir mes devoirs.Continue reading “Ways to say “have, has, had” in French”