French Sentence Structure – Jusqu’à ce que

They laughed until their mom told them to go to bed. Ils ont rigolé jusqu’à ce que leur maman leur dise de se coucher. Comparing French and English Sentence Structure It can be interesting to look at French sentences and their English translations while comparing the two. Once you have identified corresponding words, you willContinue reading “French Sentence Structure – Jusqu’à ce que”

Dès que – Depuis que – Jusqu’à ce que

Use this to express an action that started at some point in the past and continues in the present.  Use it to express since a point in time followed by a conjugated verb. The subjunctive is not required after depuis que. 👉 Il n’a plus beaucoup de temps libre depuis qu’il a commencé son nouveauContinue reading “Dès que – Depuis que – Jusqu’à ce que”

French Subjunctive – Jusqu’à ce que

Do you need to use the subjunctive or the indicative after jusqu’à ce que… ? 🎥 Scroll down to watch my mini-lesson 🎥 Decide whether you need the subjunctive or the indicative in the following sentence: 👉 On ne partira pas jusqu’à ce que tu (mettre) tes chaussures. When a sentence includes jusqu’à ce que,Continue reading “French Subjunctive – Jusqu’à ce que”