Irregular French Verb – METTRE

Get a PDF of these conjugation charts with audio, and a 10 minute video lesson with a printable lesson guide in my free course. You’ll learn 12 ways to use this versatile verb in the present and passé composé tenses. You must be logged in to your LLL French Academy account to access this courseContinue reading “Irregular French Verb – METTRE”

Common French Irregular Verbs – Passé Composé

20 irregular verbs in the present tense PRENDRE – TO TAKE – PRIS j’ai pris nous avons pris tu as pris vous avez pris il a pris ils ont pris J’ai pris un café tous les  matins.I had (a cup of) coffee every morning.  APPRENDRE – TO LEARN – APPRIS j’ai appris nous avons apprisContinue reading “Common French Irregular Verbs – Passé Composé”

Common French Irregular Verbs – Present Tense

Common irregular verbs in the passé composé PRENDRE – TO TAKE je prends nous prenons tu prends vous prenez il prend ils prennent Je prends un café tous les  matins.I have (a cup of) coffee every morning.  APPRENDRE – TO LEARN j’apprends nous apprenons tu apprends vous apprenez il apprend ils apprennent Ils apprennent àContinue reading “Common French Irregular Verbs – Present Tense”

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