French Pronouns Top Ten Questions

Simplifying French Pronouns 1.Question:  How can you tell the difference between a DIRECT OBJECT and an INDIRECT OBJECT? Answer:  DIRECT OBJECTS answer the questions WHO? WHAT? QUI? QUOI?Answer:  INDIRECT OBJECTS answer the questions TO WHOM? FOR WHOM? À QUI / POUR QUI? 2.Question:  What are some common verbs that are followed by À and thatContinue reading “French Pronouns Top Ten Questions”

How to use the pronoun EN in French

The French pronoun EN replaces a QUANTITY EN refers to a noun that is introduced by: De / de la / du / des / d’ / un, une or any other numberExpressions of quantity like:  un verre de / un kilo de / une bouteille de..Adverbs of quantity like:  beaucoup de / peu deContinue reading “How to use the pronoun EN in French”

How to use the pronoun Y in French

The French pronoun Y replaces a PLACE  Here are two examples to get started.  You’ve probably seen these and wondered why the Y is there. On y va  – Let’s go (there) Il y a – There is / There are CLICK HERE FOR A LESSON ON THE PRONOUN “EN” 👉Scroll down to watch myContinue reading “How to use the pronoun Y in French”