Present French Conditional: Could, Should, Would

👉 Watch my video lesson on this French grammar topic at the bottom of this post 👈 Present French Conditional The present French conditional is used to express COULD – SHOULD – WOULD .  Just like in English, using the conditional tense means that something is only going to happen if a certain condition isContinue reading “Present French Conditional: Could, Should, Would”

French Power Verb DEVOIR

French Verb DEVOIR The verb DEVOIR means TO HAVE TO – MUST.  Using this verb in the conditional tense is a way to speak politely in French. Like many verbs, DEVOIR can be followed directly by an infinitive. 👉 Watch my lesson on devoir at the bottom of this post 👈 Devoir:  Present tense conjugationContinue reading “French Power Verb DEVOIR”