Dès que – Depuis que – Jusqu’à ce que

Use this to express an action that started at some point in the past and continues in the present.  Use it to express since a point in time followed by a conjugated verb. The subjunctive is not required after depuis que. 👉 Il n’a plus beaucoup de temps libre depuis qu’il a commencé son nouveauContinue reading “Dès que – Depuis que – Jusqu’à ce que”

Subjunctive Exercise – French Subordinating Conjunctions

Subordinating Conjunctions Subjunctive Exercise Translate the following sentences using subordinating conjunctions. Scroll down for the answers. Will you buy some paper so that I can print? We didn’t say anything for fear of offending the neighbors. No matter what I do, you will never respect my work.  I’ll take (get) the drinks while you chooseContinue reading “Subjunctive Exercise – French Subordinating Conjunctions”

French Subordinating Conjunctions List

French Subordinating Conjunctions List à condition quesubjunctive on the condition that à moins quesubjunctive unless afin quesubjunctive so that au cas oùindicative in case aussitôt queindicative as soon as bien quesubjunctive although dans la mesure oùindicative given that d’autant plus queindicative especially given that de peur quesubjunctive for fear that depuis queindicative since dès queindicativeContinue reading “French Subordinating Conjunctions List”