French Relative Pronoun DONT – Top Ten Rules and Tips

Knowing how to use the French relative pronoun dont is essential for anyone wanting to communicate on a higher level in French. “Dont” is a relative pronoun that is used to replace the object of a preposition, allowing speakers to connect ideas and describe relationships between different parts of a sentence. Here are ten rulesContinue reading “French Relative Pronoun DONT – Top Ten Rules and Tips”

French Relative Pronouns – DONT vs DUQUEL

When to use DONT vs DUQUEL 🎥 Scroll down to watch a video lesson with examples using DONT and DUQUEL 🎥 DONT vs DUQUEL To know which relative pronoun to use, you must differentiate a prepositional phrase from a verbal phrase.  Use a form of DUQUEL with prepositional phrases followed by DE.  Use DONT withContinue reading “French Relative Pronouns – DONT vs DUQUEL”