French Pronouns Top Ten Questions and Answers

French Pronouns Top Ten Questions and Answers đŸŽ„ Scroll down to watch a video lesson about these French pronouns đŸŽ„ How can you tell the difference between a direct object and indirect object? Direct objects answer the questions: WHO? WHAT? QUI? QUOI? Indirect objects answer the questions: TO WHOM? FOR WHOM? Ă€ QUIPOUR QUI? What are some common verbs that are followedContinue reading “French Pronouns Top Ten Questions and Answers”

French Listening Comprehension for Beginners

Have you learned all or most of the French grammar you see on the list below? Do you find it easier to read and write than to speak and understand when being spoken to? Listening comprehension takes a ton of practice. Watch Jennifer’s first lesson on listening comprehension for beginners in the video below. ThisContinue reading “French Listening Comprehension for Beginners”

Common French Reflexive Verbs

Watch my video lesson on how to use French reflexive verbs in the present and passĂ© composĂ© tenses. Download your 10 page support guide to this lesson on Patreon. Here’s a list of 32 of the most common reflexive verbs, their past participles, and their translations in English. Click here for a list of FrenchContinue reading “Common French Reflexive Verbs”

French Reflexive Verbs

đŸŽ„ Scroll down to watch my video lesson on French reflexive verbs đŸŽ„ The subject and object are the same with reflexive verbs. They are called this, because the action reflects back on the subject. The subject is actually doing the action to itself. These are unlike direct and indirect object pronouns, which are used when theContinue reading “French Reflexive Verbs”