How to use the prepositions EN and DANS in French

🎥 Scroll down to watch Jennifer’s video lesson on the prepositions EN and DANS 🎥 EN vs DANS In French, the prepositions en and dans both mean in, and they can both express time and location. However,  they are not interchangeable. Their usage depends on context and grammar. EN Use EN to express the lengthContinue reading “How to use the prepositions EN and DANS in French”

French Prepositions of Place

The following are sixteen of the most common French prepositions of location. Practice and master these prepositions to say where people and things are located in relation to other people and things.  Note that many of these prepositions are followed by de. This means you may need to form a contraction depending on the numberContinue reading “French Prepositions of Place”