French ER Verbs with Negation – Present Tense and Passé Composé

👉 Watch my video lesson on this French grammar topic at the bottom of this post 👈 👉 Click here for a list of regular French verbs ending in -ER 👈 PRESENT TENSE CONJUGATION CHART:  REGULAR -ER VERBS JE PARLE NOUS PARLONS TU PARLES VOUS PARLEZ IL – ELLE – ON PARLE ILS PARLENT PASSÉContinue reading “French ER Verbs with Negation – Present Tense and Passé Composé”

French Negation in 3 Tenses

Common Ways to use French Negation When you want to make an affirmative statement or question negative, you need to do a little more than the way we do it in English.  In this lesson, you will learn some of the most commonly used forms of negation in the present, passé composé, and futur procheContinue reading “French Negation in 3 Tenses”

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