Futur proche dans le passé – Futur proche in the past

Scroll down for Jennifer’s video lesson on this French grammar topic Le futur proche dans le passé ALLER (IMPERFECT) + INFINITIVE When referring to something that was going to happen soon after the present moment in the past, ALLER is conjugated in the imperfect tense.  It corresponds to was (were) going to + infinitive inContinue reading “Futur proche dans le passé – Futur proche in the past”

Le Futur Proche – French Near Future

Get a PDF of this lesson with audio commentaries, and a set of 50 study cards to practice and master this French grammar skill in my course. You must be logged in to your LLL French Academy account to access this course and everything that is included. Le Futur Proche ALLER (PRESENT) + INFINITIVE WhenContinue reading “Le Futur Proche – French Near Future”