French Imperfect Tense Story – L’imparfait

La JournĂ©e de Vanessa – French Imperfect Tense 👇 Scroll down for the English translation of this story 👇 Pratiquement tous les jours, le rĂ©veil de Vanessa sonnait Ă  six heures. Elle restait toujours un peu au lit et elle se levait gĂ©nĂ©ralement Ă  6 heures et demie, ce n’était pas trop tĂŽt. Ensuite, elleContinue reading “French Imperfect Tense Story – L’imparfait”

French Listening Comprehension Exercise – Arriving at Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris

“I like this especially because it is not translated or with subtitles.  I have to listen directly, not translate.  That is the best way to learn a language.” – John H. 👉 Watch the video and listen to the exercise at the bottom of this post 👈 French Listening Comprehension Exercise:  Arriving at the AirportContinue reading “French Listening Comprehension Exercise – Arriving at Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris”

Intermediate French Dictée Exercises

This is a set of upper-intermediate level dictĂ©es. 20 dictations are included in this resource by Jennifer @ LLL French Academy. Each exercise is an exchange between two people (both read by Jennifer). These dictĂ©es are 2 – 3 sentences in length. Many tenses are used as well as pronouns. Dictation exercises are an excellent way toContinue reading “Intermediate French DictĂ©e Exercises”

Level B1 – French Listening Comprehension Exercise

Listening comprehension is often one of the most difficult skills to develop, and that’s why it’s so important to expose yourself to spoken French as frequently as possible. In this exercise, listening comprehension and grammar skills combine forces! The reading that you will listen to includes many verbs in the imparfait, futur simple, and conditionnel (among other tenses). ThisContinue reading “Level B1 – French Listening Comprehension Exercise”

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