French Imperfect Tense Endings Chart

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Name That French Tense Activity – Practice Using French Tenses

Comparing French and English Tenses These practice cards and 2 hours of private video instruction provide an excellent opportunity to review why each tense is chosen for a particular sentence. Translations are included. It can be very interesting to compare French and English sentence structure. There are many similarities, and many big differences as well.Continue reading “Name That French Tense Activity – Practice Using French Tenses”

How to say COULD in French

Get a PDF of this lesson with audio, and a comprehensive exercise with 30 minutes of audio explanations to master this French grammar skill in my course. You must be logged in to your LLL French Academy account to access this course and everything that is included. How to say COULD in French Pouvoir –Continue reading “How to say COULD in French”

French Si Clauses – Second Conditional

Second Conditional French «Si Clauses» What is a si clause? The word si  means if in English.  Si clauses, also known as conditionals or conditional sentences, are used to express what could happen if some condition is met.  Si clauses indicate possibilities which may or may not actually happen. They refer to the present, past,Continue reading “French Si Clauses – Second Conditional”

French Imperfect Tense Story – L’imparfait

La Journée de Vanessa – French Imperfect Tense 👇 Scroll down for the English translation of this story 👇 Pratiquement tous les jours, le réveil de Vanessa sonnait à six heures. Elle restait toujours un peu au lit et elle se levait généralement à 6 heures et demie, ce n’était pas trop tôt. Ensuite, elleContinue reading “French Imperfect Tense Story – L’imparfait”

French Imperfect Tense – L’imparfait

French Imperfect Tense The imparfait is one of the ways you can speak in the past.  You may have already learned the passé composé.  Using the French imperfect tense allows you to add description about the past, and everything you say will become more interesting! 🎯 What’s the difference between the imparfait and the passé composé?Continue reading “French Imperfect Tense – L’imparfait”