French Parts of Speech – Les Parties du Discours

French Parts of Speech Learning French can seem really difficult when you don’t really understand the basics of English grammar. Have a look at the charts below if you find yourself shutting down as soon as your teacher or others in your study group start talking about pronouns, verbs, conjunctions, and other parts of speech.Continue reading “French Parts of Speech – Les Parties du Discours”

Beginner French Review Activity

This is a review of beginner French grammar. This activity is very thorough, and it will help you assess your beginner level skills. Use this activity to practice putting together all of the grammar you’ve spent time learning. Even as a beginner, you can start making complete sentences and really speaking French! Listen closely and read along asContinue reading “Beginner French Review Activity”

French Futur Antérieur Tense

👇 Scroll down to watch Jennifer’s lesson on the futur antérieur tense 👇 Le Futur Antérieur – French Future Perfect Tense This is a tense that you can use to talk about something that will have happened at some point in the future.  The action will have had a beginning and  an ending.  This tenseContinue reading “French Futur Antérieur Tense”

French First Conditional Si Clauses

French First Conditional «Si Clauses» This French Si Clauses first Conditional free lesson will teach you how to use the first conditional type of si clause.  Even though you see the word conditional in the title, this particular kind of si clause does not involve the conditional tense. Once you’ve studied and learned how toContinue reading “French First Conditional Si Clauses”

Futur Antérieur – French Verb Tense Lesson and Quiz

👉 Scroll down to watch my video lesson on the futur antérieur 👈 Quiz yourself again! Conjuguez les verbes entre parenthèses au futur antérieur. Check your work with the answer key that follows. 1. Nous _____ (arriver) au restaurant avant 20 heures. 2. J’espère qu’il _____ (avoir) mon message avant de quitter la maison. 3.Continue reading “Futur Antérieur – French Verb Tense Lesson and Quiz”

French First Conditional «Si Clauses»

What is a si clause? The word si  means if in English.  Si clauses, also known as conditionals or conditional sentences, are used to express what could happen if some condition is met.  Si clauses indicate possibilities which may or may not actually happen. They refer to the present, past, and future.  Conditional sentences haveContinue reading “French First Conditional «Si Clauses»”