French Relative Pronouns Lesson: QUI – QUE – OÙ – DONT

QUI – QUE – OÙ – DONT 👉 Scroll to the bottom of this post to watch my video tutorial and take a quiz 👈 What is a relative pronoun? More lessons on French relative pronouns: CE QUE, CE QUI, CE DONT & LEQUEL, AUQUEL, DUQUEL These words are used to link a dependent clauseContinue reading “French Relative Pronouns Lesson: QUI – QUE – OÙ – DONT”

Level B2 – French Relative Pronoun DONT

This is a comprehensive lesson on the French relative pronoun DONT for upper-intermediate B2 level learners.  This advanced level lesson includes a grammar video tutorial (scroll down to watch) in which I explain rules and show you plenty of examples so you can see how this pronoun is used in context. I will guide you through a 24Continue reading “Level B2 – French Relative Pronoun DONT”